From time to time Brisbane Scuba runs special Exploration Dive Trips (usually for Advanced Divers Only) to investigate or “Explore” NEW Dive sites and Locations. This weekend we explored a completely new mini ocean cave system off the east coast of Moreton Island… and discovered an absolute gem of a spot.

This site was first brought to our attention by Jon, one of our occasional divers who had brought some of his gear in for servicing and testing…Jon dives regularly from his own boat and mentioned (in passing) a really cool Cave that he had occasionally dived for Crayfish.

Initially we were a little sceptical… his description of the site sounded so fantastic it was difficult to believe how much was actually real… and how much may have been embellished… however it had certainly got our attention, so we decided to schedule one of our Advanced Exploration Dives to check it out.

With the GPS coordinates in hand we headed of to see what we could find – and we were not disappointed – in fact we were Extremely impressed, and are planning on offering more scheduled trips to this cave (which we are tentatively calling “Jon’s Cave” after the boatie who pointed us to it).

Here are some basic information about saturdays dive and a little info about the new cave system that we explored :

The Dive

  • Depth = 23-30 Metres
  • Water Temperature = 22-26 c
  • Visability – 10-15m
  • some surface currents, nil at depth
  • Experience level = Advanced Open Water (minimum)

The Cave

  • multiple entry and exit points
  • tight in some spots
  • nice wide openings on at least 2 access points , there are more but some are very tight
  • crays, black corals inside the cave
  • kelp gardens on top deck
  • cave entry/exit into the floor of the ocean with sedimentary rocks underneath
  • divers gas exiting through the ocean floor and kelp gardens
  • Experience level = Advanced Open Water (minimum)

Photos by Matt Brown

So, in summary, this is a fantastic new dive location, suitable for Advanced Open Water divers (or higher), who are not concerned about a few tightish squeezes. This location is a great addition to South East Queensland dive sites and one that Brisbane Scuba will certainly be including in their dive schedule.

Keep an eye on our Dive Calendar for Jon’s Cave Dives

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