We had a fantastic day out at Jon’s Cave last weekend… This is only the second time this site has been dived commercially (it used to be a closely guarded secret and only dived privately) …

The first dive last month was an Exploration Dive as it was largely un-dived and we didn’t really know what to expect… but the site exceeded all expectations and is likely to become a regular feature on the Brisbane Scuba Dive Calendar

The Cave has a maximum height of up to 2 metres (maybe) but is fairly large and extensive. There is not a single obvious route through/around, and there are multiple entry/exit points so it will probably take you a few dives to properly get your bearings and gain a proper sense of the space. Some of the entries are from “cliffs” “on the side, but at least one entry is via a chasm which has presumably appeared at some stage when part of the roof has collapsed.

Part way through the cave dive it will probably occur to you that the “floor” is actually rock that has collapsed from the ceiling of the cave… but there seems to be little or no recent activity and things are looking very stable 🙂

One of the things I loved was the kelp forests that cover the rock above and around the entrances to the cave. Kelp is reasonably unusual in sub-tropical waters, so it is a bit of a new experience for local Brisbane divers… Kelp also hides a wealth of marine life, so often, sitting still or ferreting around a small area will be much more entertaining and rewarding than zooming around.

We encountered a wide variety of fish life including a couple of very calm Eagle Rays, a large Wobbegong shark, plenty of schools on Pomfrets, a large school of ??? (see below what do you reckon they are ??) immediately above one of the cave entrances, a lion fish, many Crafyfish ticked away in nooks and crannies, and a plethora of nudibrach’s….

There are also some very unusual – almost alien – rock formations scattered around the site with odd overhangs and protrusions. On more than one occasion I started wondering how they had been formed.

This is a fantastic new dive location, and I for one will definitely get back every opportunity I can.

Jon’s Cave is recommended for advanced divers only as it extends from around 22 to 28 metres
and involves some tightish squeezes.

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