The Solomon Islands, nestled in the heart of the South Pacific, are a hidden gem for adventurous travelers seeking pristine natural beauty both above and below the surface.

Among its numerous islands, Gizo stands out as a captivating destination for diving enthusiasts. With its crystal-clear waters, diverse marine life, and a rich history waiting to be explored, Gizo offers an underwater paradise that beckons divers from around the world.

Gizo, the capital of the Western Province of the Solomon Islands, is a tranquil and charming island town surrounded by turquoise waters and lush greenery. Its friendly locals, traditional culture, and stunning landscapes make it a captivating destination. But what truly sets Gizo apart is its underwater world.

Join Steve as your tour leader on this sensational adventure in the Solomon Islands – home to some of the most pristine waters globally. There is an average year round temperature of 29 degrees however being situated on the water, the cool afternoon breezes will keep you at the perfect temperature. Surrounding the resort, you’ll find the fantastic, cultured Solomon Islands. Find yourself in dense jungle, pristine coral cays, tropical white sand beaches, dormant
volcanos and crystal clear waters.

A quick 90 minute flight from Honiara, Gizo is the second largest town in the Solomon Islands and serves as a provincial centre for the Western Province. The Majestic Mt Kolombangara overlooks the town and clear blue waters surround smaller islands dotting the horizon. John F Kennedy was shipwrecked on one of these islands in 1943 when a Japanese destroyer attacked his vessel, the PT-109. He and his men spent six
days living on coconuts before they were rescued.

Fatboys Resort is set on the waterfront of Gizo and is well known for its wonderful bar and restaurant that sits atop the water 100 metres from shore. From the resort, look across to the scenic Kolombangara Island and Kennedy Island.

Gizo has some excellent diving including healthy coral reefs littered with colourful reef fish, steep walls and points at which you can see rays and sharks.

A diving highlight of the area remains to be the Japanese World War II shipwreck, the Toa Maru. Lying on its side in just over 30 metres of water this wreck is in excellent condition, and contains artefacts such as gas masks, sake bottles, ammunition and a strange jar full of prophylactics! Larger items include a motorbike, bombs and an army tank. The top of the
wreck provides a delightful safety stop as it is a beautiful artificial reef, with visitors such as turtles and rays. The torpedo hole in the side is clearly visible and is a startling reminder of the nature of the vessel’s sinking.

Key highlights of diving in Gizo :

Gizo boasts an array of dive sites that cater to divers of all levels, from beginners to experienced pros. Some of the must-visit dive sites include:

  • Shark Point: As the name suggests, this site is famous for its shark encounters. Divers can observe various shark species, including reef sharks, as they gracefully swim through the clear waters. It’s an exhilarating experience for those who love the thrill of shark encounters.
  • Kennedy Island: Named after the famous President John F. Kennedy, who was stranded here during World War II, this island offers not only a glimpse into history but also incredible underwater scenery. The marine life and coral formations make it a popular spot for diving and snorkeling.
  • Grand Central Station: This site is a kaleidoscope of color, with vibrant coral gardens teeming with fish. Divers can explore swim-throughs and tunnels adorned with soft and hard corals, creating a mesmerizing underwater world.
  • Naru: Naru, a small island near Gizo, is a must-visit for divers seeking large pelagic encounters. Here, divers can witness schools of barracuda, tuna, and sometimes even marlin and sailfish. The exhilarating drift dives in this area are unforgettable.
  • Toa Maru Wreck: This Japanese transport ship sank during World War II and now lies at a depth of around 30 meters. The wreck is adorned with colorful soft corals, and it’s a fascinating historical dive site.




UPGRADE: Over Water Bungalow ADD $175 pp Twin share ( 1 ONLY )

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STAY & DIVE – Fatboys Resort, Gizo

7 Nights
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12 Dives over 6 days
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GROUP BONUS: 7+ divers
Plus 2 FREE dives on plane wrecks as third dives

Fatboys resort, Gizo

Fatboys Resort is all about relaxing, unwinding and rejuvenating. You will love your time here if you want privacy and seclusion, comfortable accommodation and immersion in the surrounding unspoilt natural beauty.

Solomon Islands is all about getting away from the rat race and experiencing a part of the world that hasn’t yet been caught up in the craziness, stress and worries that occupy our daily lives. Fatboys is completely in line with that vision and is the perfect destination to leave everything behind for a while and focus on resting and enjoying yourself.

Dive Gizo

Dive Gizo offers exciting diving just minutes from Gizo. Dive Gizo maintains the standards of excellence in diving, while making every trip exciting and relaxing. 

Dive Gizo is the only PADI Dive Facility in Gizo, and has on staff a full time PADI Instructor. 

So whether you are ready to try diving for the first time, or a seasoned veteran, Dive Gizo will cater to your needs.