Brisbane Dive Spot
Cementco Wreck

As part of the Pacific war effort, the Crusader 2 was commissioned by the Australian Army in 1944 to carry heavy equipment and supplies to the troops stationed in New Guinea. After a short but successful career, the Crusader was pensioned off to the Qld Cement and Lime Co. to carry dead coral and sand from its mining operations in Moreton Bay, up the river to Brisbane.

In 1984, it was decided she had made her final journey to the reaches of Brisbane, a long and distinguished sojourn above the water had come to an end, and a new one below the surface was about to begin. Wreckers towed the Crusader out to Flinders Reef, north of Cape Moreton, intending to sink the ship close to the northern end of the reef as a kind of extension if you like. The Crusader was to have the last laugh however, springing a leak before she was positioned and sinking about 400 meters NE of Flinders Reef.