Located, on Henderson Reef, just off the coast of the stunning Moreton Island in Brisbane, Cherub’s Cave has steadily risen through the ranks to become obne of the favourite dive spot among Brisbane’s diving community. Tucked away from the usual touristy spots, this underwater haven provides an ethereal diving experience unlike any other.

Why Cherub’s Cave?

The name itself sparks curiosity. Is it the underwater formations that resemble cherubic figures? Or is it the divine tranquility one feels when diving here? Perhaps it’s a mix of both. In fact for many years a small concrete statue of a Cherub was to be found in and around this dive site… Unfortunately, it disappeared some time ago … however, we are VERY please to announce the Return of the Cherub !!!

The Return of the Cherub

Initiated by Andy Henderson ( Instagram @awhendo) and carried out as part of a carefully planned exercise (well… as an addon to one of the regular Brisbane Scuba 2 day dive trips), we are VERY excited to announce that The Cherub, has returned, and is now back in its rightful home at the bottom of the ocean at the Cherubs Cave dive site.

We had a fantastic day out – with a full complement of divers, reasonably calm condtions and great visibility – first dive was at China Wall and following the (typically amazing) lunch break, we hit Cherubs Cave…

Here is a bit of a photo gallery to commemorate the day – showing some of the people involved in the dive :

The Cherub Challenge

We challenge you to come and visit Cherubs Cave… find th Cherub, take photos, move it (for the next lot of divers to find) and use the #cherubchallange and #cherubscave hashtags to tell the world.

We encourage all divers to come and visit the Cherub… but remember, it is a token of the enchantment beneath the waves….. So feel free to move it, let it dance and play, but please leave it here for others to find and enjoy.

Cherub’s Cave is more than just a dive site; it’s a spiritual journey. It’s a testament to the wonders of nature and the mysterious tales that lie in the depths of our oceans. So, the next time you’re in Brisbane and have a craving for an underwater adventure, you know where to head.

Happy diving, and may you find the cherub that speaks to your soul!

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