… is one of the first questions I usually get asked when talking about going diving this time of year… and on the surface (pun intended) it seems like a reasonable question… but in fact there are a whole lot of reasons why diving at this time of year – Autumn.. leading in to Winter is actually a really great idea…

Are You Crazy ??

No… winter diving can be some of the best diving you get and some of my most memorable dive experiences have been during winter… Here are just some of the reasons why diving in Winter is actually a pretty good idea.

  • Better Visibility – Colder winter temperatures usually results in clearer water, which means better visibility… Less light + colder water temperatures = less organics and better visibility.
  • More Critters – some species of marine life, such as eels and octopuses, are more active in the colder water temperatures and are more likely to be seen during winter dives. Winter is also when Grey Nurse Sharks are most prolific at Brisbane dive sites.
  • Fewer Divers – Some people are scared off by winter diving, so diving in the cooler months mean fewer people on the boat and more opportunities to explore the dive site at your own pace (and with fewer divers scaring off the fish).
  • Health Benefits – Diving in colder temperatures has some benefits to your health too :
    • We burn more calories!
    • Cold reduces and muscle inflammation and improves our physical condition.
    • It boosts our immune system!
    • It can strengthen our resistance to illnesses!

But isn’t it Cold ?

Yes… it is … although the water temperature is not usually that much colder than the summer months… it can be chilly back on the surface, and between dives. However, the reasons above are more than enough to make the effort… and the items listed below are some strategies to make it easier :

  • Hot Shower – Brisbane Scubas boat (Voyager) has a hot shower which is a fantastic way to refresh and warm up after a cold dive (although too much of a good thing may not be a great idea – keep in mind that a hot shower may be detrimental to Nitrogen absorption)
  • Hot Drinks – Hot Tea/Coffee/Chocolate and Soup is always available between dives
  • Keep out of the Breeze – Voyager has a fully contained cabin and a half cabin so you are well protected from wind.
  • The Right Gear – we would probably not recommend diving in a skin suit during winter, so you may want to consider using a thicker wetsuit, or a dive hood and gloves (although I still prefer a 3mm suit year round)
  • Spicy Food – Brisbane Scuba serves The Best Lunch and Snacks…. better than any other QLD Dive Operator that I know of .., and always includes a selection of Yummy (and often Spicy) Wraps that are a great distraction from the cold.
  • Dry Clothes – Make sure you bring dry and warm clothes to change into after your warm shower ready for a cosy trip back to shore after your days diving.

Winter scuba diving can be a unique and exciting experience that offers clear water, a chance to see different marine life, and fewer crowds. So, don’t let the cold winter weather keep you from diving! Pack your gear, grab a buddy, and head out to explore the underwater world during the winter months.

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