Brisbane Dive Sites :
Hutchinson Shoal

Situated as the largest reef system off the shores of Brisbane,
Hutchinson Shoal stands as a testament to the uncharted beauty of the underwater world

Often overlooked and one of the least explored locations, this hidden gem is located to the north of Moreton Island. Embraced by robust currents and lacking shelter during inclement weather, Hutchinson Shoal presents itself as a daring challenge for divers seeking an unforgettable experience.

Yet, beneath the surface tumult lies a rugged wonderland adorned with a plethora of features that intrigue the adventurous at heart. In depths ranging from 10 to 38 meters, the underwater terrain reveals a captivating tapestry of caves, ledges, overhangs, gutters, and pinnacles. This complex ecosystem of rocky formations offers a haven for marine life, beckoning divers to uncover its mysteries.

Diving enthusiasts delving into the depths of Hutchinson Shoal will discover a symphony of marine flora and fauna that call this rocky expanse home. Amongst the craggy landscape, one can encounter striking black coral trees, elegant gorgonian fans, delicate soft corals, vibrant sponges, and the charming tubastra corals. Regardless of the chosen diving spot on this expansive reef, a delightful array of reef fish and pelagic species grace the scene, weaving a tapestry of colors and movement. The site’s allure is heightened by the presence of magnificent turtles, elusive moray eels, captivating crayfish, majestic eagle rays, enigmatic wobbegongs, graceful stingrays, and the formidable yet awe-inspiring groupers.

Adding a touch of mystery to Hutchinson Shoal is an unexpected artifact—an admiralty anchor of impressive proportions, measuring over 3 meters in length. The anchor’s origins remain shrouded in uncertainty, enhancing the allure of this underwater realm.

Despite its challenges, Hutchinson Shoal Dive Site holds a magnetic charm that beckons intrepid divers to explore its rocky embrace. As divers venture into the unknown, they become part of the select few who have glimpsed the treasures that lie beneath the waves—a realm where nature’s beauty and enigma coalesce in a breathtaking display.

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